Wednesday 2 November 2011


This is happening, 02/12/2011:

Hard Stare & Weirdo Guise present…

Drunk in Hell
Overwhelmingly misanthropic sludge crawl from Middlesborough. The more their metallic noise punk hurts, the more you want it.

Black Mamba Beat
The London trio features a couple o’ South African fellas whose parched, treble-heavy garage punk will have you hallucinating dust devils.

Broken Arm
Locals presently in the fourth year of a transitionary period that began when they started sounding too heavy to be called ‘garage rock’.

The Piss Superstition
Julian Bradley released the fine ‘A Themepark for Whatever Happened Before’ LP earlier this year and is now duo’d with Mob Rules’ Paul Steere.

The Fox & Newt, 9 Burley Street
£5 / 7pm